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Over the years, Ever dit many small illustrations to mark the regular departments in Humo.  This page collects a few of those.
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Cinema Humo (film reviews - 1998)
Horen, Zien, en Zeggen (interviews with famous people about their TV viewing)
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Film (film reviews - early 1990s)
Tom & Jerry (movie critics, late 1990's)
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Knip (TV news)
Mijl Op Zeven (TV reviews by star journalist Marc Mijlemans)
Jonge Leeuwen (Young VIPS)
Ever did this illo together with his son Sander, an illustrator in his own right (check one of his ads for Isover)
Dwarskijker (TV Reviews)
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Open Vensters (letter column - 90s version, 80s version, variant)

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