Welcome to 4Ever, a website dedicated to the art and genius of Belgian illustrator Ever Meulen.

With this site, we want to share some of the wealth that we Belgians can take part in.  Much of Ever's work is published in Belgian (and Dutch) magazines which never make it to other countries.  We will try to reproduce the best of that work here.

For the moment, there's not much happening here.  Still, you might want to sample Ever's quite recent stuff in the American weekly "The New Yorker", the Dutch weekly "Vrij Nederland" and in the Belgian daily "De Standaard".  We also have some of his recent work from "Humo" online, as well as a few of the advertising jobs he's done over the years.

What is to come ?  More samples, some background info on Ever and maybe the beginning of a definite Ever Meulen checklist ?  Who knows...  In any case, check back often...

Meanwhile, set your browser to maximum size, preferably 1024*800, full screen, as this site contains some quite large graphics.  And also check out Ed's Joost Swarte webpage, for more Euro Illo fun.

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What's New ?

03/01/00 - Poster for the Brussels Festival Of The Animated Drawing

02/21/00 - Finally thought up some links.

12/17/99 - new illo from the New Yorker, courtesy of Michael Rhode)

11/05/99 - Plastic carrier bag for Het Besloten Land and some new illo's from the New Yorker, courtesy of Michael Rhode)

10/29/99 - A new contribution to Humo : the cover to their annual Book Fair Special, edition 1999

10/10/99 - I've completely reworked the site, cutting out all FrontPage specific tags (I use DreamWeaver now) and scaling the images to a more user friendly size.

10/05/99 - New categories : The New Yorker, featuring covers and spot illo's from that American weekly (provided by Michael Rhode) and Miscellaneous, collecting everything that doesn't fit elsewhere (but is not less interesting !)

Most recent update : 1999/11/05.  This site is 1999, Sparehed .  All graphics on this site are Ever Meulen.